I am Here, I am With You!

This is our third week of Easter and just like those two Disciples on the road to Emmaus we may continue these days feeling down and in despair. Many things are happening, many things that have taken place in our lives and in our world;  personal struggles, pain, deaths, conflicts, big debates and suddenly our lives took a different direction. Maybe our lives needed a new reset.  We all can agree that our lives have been challenged!  The Gospel tells us That Jesus Himself drew near and walked with them … with all of us !!! 

Jesus is walking with us, telling each one of us; I am here, I am with you…..  We are learning to come together, to care for one another, to help each other, to respect each other, to listen to each other, to share what we have and who we are. We are learning to live in our world where love is the greatest gift to keep us together.  Are you the only visitor who doesn’t know what’s going on ?  (Cleopas asked Jesus ) We are not Visitors or strangers , we are God's children, we are in this together, we are walking together, we belong together. 

How slow of heart to believe!  It’s a difficult time, in the middle of all of this mess we can already see the Joy, the Kindness, the Gentleness and the active love in those who have responded to be there for others during this horrible epidemic.  We thank them for being the first ones who knew that God was willing to walk and work through them. These people are the first ones who Heard from God "I am Here, I am with you." 

Lets pray for one another so we can soon open our eyes and believe that He was, He is and He will be the one who is walking with us always ……  No need for asking him to stay with us because the day is almost over, instead we need to proclaim from north to south, from east to west that He is always saying to each one of us, I am Here, I am with you!!!!!  

                                       Padre Agustin 


From the Pastor

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